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Given has since released two statements in response, the first stating that she ‘never claimed to be the first person to talk about these topics’, and that her book ‘was always going to look this way’. Following the initial statement, three weeks ago Given stated that two separate lawyers specialising in intellectual property were hired, and neither found any grounds for plagiarism or copyright infringement. She goes on to say ‘no one has a monopoly on writing about their experiences’ and hopes

Book Club | I Can Make You Feel Good

If there’s one name to watch in the impulsive world of fashion photography, it is Tyler Mitchell. Having built an impressive repertoire through his collaborations with Prada, Marc Jacobs, Nike and Ray-Ban, 24-year-old Mitchell cemented his position as an innovative visionary with his iconic portrait of Beyoncé for Vogue in September 2018, making him the first photographer of colour to feature on the front cover. Now his monograph, I Can Make You Feel Good, collates his work for the first time

Fashion your Floral Fantasy

Inspiration for an outfit can come from anywhere. Whether it’s through your IG feed or the runway, we often look to already composed looks to get us thinking differently about our wardrobe. But as we’ve seen the industry adapt over the last few months, it seems about time to look to new resources for out #outfitinspo. With a plethora of experiences having been disrupted due to lockdown, our usual bank of inspiration is running low. But, with the ability to enjoy the majority of what London ha

Essentials for the New Commute

Londoners are famously adaptable and unshakable beings; as 2020, the year of the unexpected, descended and the city took a 4-month hiatus, Londoners immediately adapted and got to work: novices in the kitchen began creating artistic baked-goods; garden-phobes suddenly became green-fingered goddesses; and loyal tube-riders tentatively dusted off their bike helmets, after years at the back of the wardrobe. And now a new challenge presents itself to Londoners everywhere: as offices open and meeting

Picked from a Postcard | Turkey

Remember the innocence of a childhood holiday? There was no utterance of having a #bikinibod, no obligation to document your holiday via IG pics and acts of communication between friends and family would consist simply by a vacation postcard. With the world seeming oh so different now, we’re nearly longing for those times as much as we long for a summer getaway. With pandemic measures relaxing by the week, all's not lost in the hopes of a holibobs. But as with everything in this new normal, t

Book Club | Tarot

The elusive world of Tarot reading, mysterious as it may seem, has extensive roots in the very human tradition of connection; connection to the world, to the divine and to each other. To some, Tarot cards reside in a dusty and outdated corner of the world, belonging to the carnivalesque category of smoke screens and crystal balls. To others, Tarot is a daily practice, involving the application of ancient principles to explain and give meaning to the modern experience. The aesthetic mysticism

Lo'Jo @ Lakeside

The Nottingham Lakeside Arts Centre welcomed the French group Lo’Jo to play their eclectic set to a full theatre, with 90 minutes of soul-warming rhythms that proved to be both an auditory and visual treat. The group of 6 members, each with obvious passion for their music, interwove their instruments to create both harmony and dissonance, resulting in a highly unusual night that had the whole audience bopping and swaying after a few songs. The fusion of gypsy, North African and French chanson s

Citizens of Nowhere? @ Lakeside Arts

Written by Ming Ho and directed by David Jiang, Citizens of Nowhere? makes a powerful statement on contemporary racial issues whilst disguising itself as a fly-on-the-wall domestic comedy. The play came to the Nottingham Lakeside Arts for one night only on the eve of Chinese New Year as part of the Chinese Arts Now Festival, and features an all-Chinese cast. Based around a casual conversation of a Chinese family, this play highlights contemporary subversive attitudes surrounding ethnicity and dr

Human Animals @ NNT

The confrontational and thought-provoking production of Human Animals is in full swing in the Nottingham New Theatre, the only theatre exclusively run by students in England. A dystopian projection of the human destruction of the environment, set in contemporary London. With a small cast of six actors, the play centres around the interactions of a young heterosexual couple, a mother and daughter, and two men meeting in the pub. Within the play, a disease has broken out amongst urban animals, an

'The Funeral Director' @ Nottingham Playhouse

After a successful string of performances in London’s Southwark Playhouse, the matinee of The Funeral Director by Iman Qureshi took place on Thursday 14th of March in the intimate Neville Theatre of Nottingham Playhouse before an anticipatory audience. The play continued its 3-night run at 7.45pm, culminating on Saturday 16th March. The Funeral Director explores, with delicacy yet fearlessness, the difficulty of contemporary Islamic attitudes towards sex-same relationships. The strained marriag